Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the

What is this thing?

Originally called the Autocycle, the Litestar it is considered a motorcycle in most states, even though you drive it like a car. Some states require a helmet be worn! It even has a roll bar and seat belts!

Where can I purchase a Pulse?

  • Unfortunately these are no longer being made so the best way to find a Pulse is by using the Internet.
  • You can use eBay with the search criteria: Pulse Litestar
  • Go to the Autocycle/Litestar/Pulse club page at and search the "for sale" pages.

    Where can I find Pulse parts?

  • For "common" items, check on ebay (batteries, tires, lights, etc.)
  • The "donor" vehicles were standard motorcycles. The dealer for that brand of bike has many of the parts (engine, clutch, rear wheel etc.)
  • Look on the pages for some part numbers or post a message to the group for the item you're looking for.

    Is it for sale?

    No, I just add to my collection and don't sell any.