Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the
Smart car

What is this thing?

Designed as a joint project between Mercedes and Swatch, it's the worlds smallest car. It's street legal and can go along at up to 85 mph. It runs on regular gas and is NOT a hybrid.

Where can I purchase a Smart car?

  • They will be available for sale in the US in 2008.
  • You can buy a grey market Smart (click on "Smart Car Links") to the left.
  • Sometimes you can find one on eBay.
  • You can NOT import one. They must be converted to pass American EPA and DOT standards.

    Where can I find Smart car parts?

  • For "common" items, check on ebay (batteries, tires, lights, etc.)
  • Click on "Smart Car Links" to the left.

    Is it for sale?

    No, I just add to my collection and don't sell any.