SMART car got its name from "Swatch Mercedes ART". They are VERY fuel efficient - the gas model gets between 40 to 60 MPG. They can travel at 80 MPH with no trouble, and are very comfortable. The main "problem" with them is the fact that wherever you go people stop you to ask about them.

They are VERY tough to buy in the US and if you try to import one, even a Canadian one, customs will not let you bring it in the country! The obvious question is OK then how did you get yours? After several years trying one company in California was able to get certified to convert Smart cars to be legal in the US. This involved going through rollover testing and even crash testing the vehicles! It takes months to convert a car and get it certified for the US. They do things like reinforce the side panels, add an additional computer to minimize the pollution, cover over the sun roof, etc. All of this adds over $12,000 to its cost, but if you really want one you can get one.

Mine was the first and is still the only Smart car in Indiana. It was fun going through the Motor Vehicle department to get it licensed. My registration says "unknown" for both the make and model!!!

Mercedes has announced that they will start selling Smarts in the US in 2008 but it is rumored that they will be about a foot longer.

The car has a switch so you can go back and forth between standard and automatic!! It's a lot of fun to drive and will park anywhere, even perpendicular to the curb!

Last updated January 5, 2007