Corbin Sparrow's Specifications


  • There were two base models of Sparrows made. There were 98 of the first model made. They were refered to by the owners as the 'jellybean' since that is what they looked like from the side. The 'Jellybean' was re-designed and replaced by a hatchback model. This greatly increased the trunk area. Dominos Pizza wanted to use some of these to deliver pizzas. Because of this, owners refered to this version as the 'pizza butt'.
  • Onboard battery charger (they come in both 110 VAC and 220 VAC models)
  • Three-wheeled vehicle registers, insures, and parks as a motorcycle
  • 1,350 lbs. curb weight, 72-inch wheel base, 57 inch vehicle height
  • 70+ MPH top speed, 20-60 mile range
  • 100% Electric (not a gasoline hybrid).


  • Double A arm front suspension / Single sided swing arm rear suspension.
  • Cog-belt drive, Three-wheel disc brakes, Spring over hydraulic shocks, 14-inch five-spoke wheels


  • Single passenger, spherical body design (like a motorcycle helmet)
  • Layered composite construction, low center of gravity
  • Three-point restraint safety harness / Automotive safety glass
  • Emergency parking brake / Inertia switch / Emergency Power Off button
  • Hazard warning lights / LED dashboard indicators / Safety head restraint
  • Curb side driver door / door lock


  • For "common" items, check on ebay (charger, batteries, tires, lights, etc.)
  • Join the Corbin Sparrow group on the Yahoo site and post to the group for the item your looking for.
  • You can contact Myers Motors at (current as of 12/7/2006)
  • Costco carries the Optima Yellow Top batteries for these. (current as of 12/7/2006)


    13 sealed AGM 12V lead acid batteries weighing 46 lbs each

  • Total pack weight: 598


    For charging fully discharged batteries:
    110 VAC takes 6 hours
    220 VAC takes 2-1/2 hours